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Deloitte Report: Low Passion Levels in U.S. Workforce; John Hagel Comments

deloitteA new Deloitte workers survey has found that enterprises need to invest more in instilling passion in the workforce to reap the benefits from employees who learn faster and perform better.

Only 11 percent of 3,000 full time employees polled were classified as passionate about their jobs, people who see and deal with difficult situations and environments as a way to improve their skill set, Deloitte said Tuesday.

The Deloitte Center for the Edge’s “Unlocking Passion of the Explorer” report deduced passion as rare in the U.S. workforce for most companies.

The report found there were more passionate workers in smaller organizations and that a person’s level of passion is directly proportional to his or her wages.

The survey suggests a two-pronged approach where hiring personnel looks beyond skills when recruiting new hands while managers build the enthusiasm from within their current teams.

“Unleashing the passion that is latent within existing employees is a long-term solution versus narrowly focusing on just recruiting passionate people,” said John Hagel, director at Deloitte Consulting and center co-chairman.

“Passionate people will naturally drive their organization to the next level and set up their employer for longer-term success,” he added.

The report noted that while the number of passionate workers is low, some 45 percent of those polled have two out of three characteristics needed to build passion.

It also highlighted what a passionate workforce can accomplish, among them the ability to better cope with the challenges of an international marketplace and greater commitment to their jobs.

“The optimism and willingness those with the passion of the explorer have to go the extra mile is a valuable quality to organizations,” Hagel said.

“Couple that with exposure to new trends and developments that the passionate gain from participating in external groups or ecosystems, passionate workers are more likely to help organizations navigate challenges and identify new opportunities essential for learning in a fast-moving environment,” he concluded.

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