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Raytheon, Army Test-Fire Projectiles for Qualification Exercise

Raytheon-logoRaytheon test-fired 84 projectiles during a qualification exercise the company carried out with the U.S. Army at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

The Excalibur lb is a 155-millimeter artillery projectile that works to use GPS guidance for first round, fire-for-effect capabilities in various environments, Raytheon announced Sunday.

This test also involved the Swedish Archer 52-caliber weapons system, two Army howitzers, the Paladin and the LW 155.

Many of the fired Excalibur projectiles landed within 2.1 yards of their intended targets, according to the company.

Later this year, the Excalibur lb will be subjected to a first article test in order to verify production readiness.

Raytheon has also started internal funding programs to add new guidance and navigation tools into the projectiles.

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