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Lockheed Co-Sponsors Conference on Cyber Technologies; Haden Land Comments

haden landLockheed Martin and the Missouri University of Science and Technology hosted the third annual Complex Adaptive Systems conference in Baltimore, Md. from Nov. 13 to 15.

The company said the conference is intended to bring 120 technologists and academic experts to discuss the role of emerging and advanced technologies in cyber and complex sociotechnical systems, Lockheed announced Nov. 15.

The invited guests were from 16 countries, 83 of whom presented advanced research papers on various subjects related to businesses, academic programs and cybersecurity protection.

“Global sociotechnical areas, like health and energy systems, depend on complex, distributed engineering systems that can adapt to dynamically changing needs,” said Haden Land, Lockheed vice president of engineering and chief technology officer for Information Systems & Global Solutions Civil business.

“The proliferation of computing technology and the associated business stress demand that industry and academic leaders keep up with the fast-paced world of change while also being able to predict what’s coming next,” Land added.

Additionally, Lockheed Martin said that it is investing in the study of advanced IT concepts, big data analysis and machine learning and methodologies for smart grid and healthcare management.

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