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Report: Prioria Wins $4.5M U.S. Army Contract for 36 Micro UAV’s

Prioria logoPrioria Robotics has won a $4.5 million contract to provide 36 Maveric unmanned aerial systems for the U.S. Army, i-HLS reported Sunday.

The contract under the Rapid Equipping Force at Fort Belvoir, Va., was sealed in March, with the UAS scheduled to be delivered in December.

According to the report, REF ordered the micro-UAS to fulfill an “urgent request” from troops deployed in theater, and modify the contract to acquire more units depending on feedback and changing requirements.

The Maveric is a squad-level tactical asset, in contrast to the Army’s other small UAS, the Raven and Puma, that operate at company level.

It has flexible wings, can fly up to 60 minutes and is equipped with multiple sensors that are designed to acquire reconnaissance data.

The Army Testing and Evaluation Command tested the micro-UAS at the Yuma Test Center earlier this year.

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