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Microsoft Open Technologies Launches Subsidiary in China

Microsoft Open Technologies has opened a subsidiary in China to expand the company’s presence in the country and assist in proprietary development processes and open innovation programs.

The Microsoft Open Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. will consist of a team of engineers that will work to advance interoperability, open standards and open source investments, Microsoft announced Thursday.

“MS Open Tech will play a pivotal role by driving investments in interoperability and standards in Microsoft products, contributing to the open source community, and enabling open source software on Microsoft platforms, such as Windows Azure,” the Microsoft Corp. subsidiary said.

According to Jean Paoli, MS Open Tech president, the subsidiary will be able to ffer more flexibility in releasing China-developed open source software.

“China is a strategic market for Microsoft. Over the past few years, Microsoft has significantly expanded the scope of R&D in China to not only help build global products but also help address the needs of China customers, partners and government. The establishment of Microsoft Open Technologies Shanghai is another key milestone in this journey, providing more choices for customers and developers, and more technology innovation for businesses, governments, and consumers, in particular in the era of cloud, big data, mobility and social,” said Ya-Qin Zhang, Microsoft China corporate vice president.


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