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Mike Haysley Named to LexisNexis Strategic Services Director Role

LexisNexisMike Haysley, a two-decade legal veteran, has been appointed director of strategic services for the CounselLink business at LexisNexis Legal & Professional.

He will be responsible for driving growth and client results for the CounselLink strategic consulting services, LexisNexis announced Tuesday.

Haysley will work with executives and legal departments to work on strategic services process stages such as analysis, measurement and execution.

“In my experience, legal departments are often successful in identifying areas of need for controlling costs and streamlining operations, but they struggle with how, when, and with what frequency to take action to turn those opportunities into real long-term wins for their businesses,” Haysley said.

“I am excited to work on the front lines as a strategic partner to our clients and help them uncover new areas of opportunity as their businesses evolve over time,” he added.

He formerly served as legal operations director at Waste Management Inc. and also held legal consulting roles at Huron Consulting Group, PwC and Arthur Andersen.

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