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Northrop Surveillance Demo Plane Hits 100K Combat Flight Hours

northrop-Grumman_BLUENorthrop Grumman‘s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstration aircraft has exceeded the 100,000-combat flight hour mark for the U.S. Navy since the aircraft’s initial six-month deployment in 2009.

The Navy has used the BAMS-D to support maritime surveillance missions, Northrop said Wednesday.

Capt. James Hoke, Triton program manager at the Naval Air Systems Command, said the branch uses the BAMS-D to help carrier and amphibious battle groups move through areas that require awareness.

The BAMS-D also works to help the Navy understand how to use surveillance features on the MQ-4C Triton UAS, which is currently under development.

BAMS-D aircraft fly 15 missions per month and use a suite of surveillance sensors to identify and track targets.

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