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ZipRealty, Army Team Aims to Help Vets Find Realtor Jobs

vetZipRealty will work with the U.S. Army to help veterans find jobs as real estate agents through guaranteed job interviews that could lead to possible employment.

The Partnership for Youth Success program is comprised of 500 companies and public sector organizations in the real estate industry, ZipRealty announced Tuesday.

“Whether just coming out of the Armed Forces, fresh from college or switching careers, we are searching for talented and hard-working people who are ready to benefit from one of the best real estate markets in years,” said Lanny Baker, ZipRealty president and CEO.

“The Army benefits by gaining valuable industry partners like ZipRealty, who acknowledge the Army as a quality producer of skilled professionals. By committing to this partnership, ZipRealty gains access to individuals who have developed professional work habits and have been held to the highest standards of conduct in the military,” said Richard Lundin, Army Reserve Ambassador of California.

Honorably discharged soldiers are eligible for the program.

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