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Raytheon to Observe ‘Pi Day’ for STEM Celebration

Raytheon-logoRaytheon and its employees will observe “Pi Day” on Friday to promote programs related to science, technology, engineering and math by delivering applies pies to math teachers in six states.

The company will deliver the pies to teachers within 3.14 miles of its facilities in Arizona, California, Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts and Maryland, Raytheon announced Thursday.

Other projects include the launch of a MathMovesU Pi Day toolkit for students, the continuation of the Build it Better contest through April 16 and a Pi Day Pinterest board full of resources for students, parents and teachers.

Further, Raytheon is encouraging the public to celebrate Pi Day through a “Raytheon Pi-arty.”

Ideas the company suggested include baking a pie to say “thank you” to STEM teachers, tweeting or posting a photo with the hashtag “mathmovesu” or “piday” and through Pi Day ecards.


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