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Verizon Joins Open Source Advocacy Group; Guru Pai Comments

verizon logo_GovconexecVerizon has joined an organization that promotes Linux through the use of open source software for the communications industry.

The company will act as a licensee of the Open Invention Network and also becomes the organization’s first major communications service provider member, OIN announced Tuesday.

OIN develops software and patents that are royalty-free to any company as long as they do not assert its patents against the Linux System.

“Linux and open source are critical elements in today’s mobile, cloud and enterprise computing environments” said Guru Pai, Verizon senior vice president and chief product officer.

OIN CEO Keith Bergelt said Verizon’s participation in the organization could be “a bellwether” for other telecommunications companies.

“The communications industry is transforming rapidly as competitors invest to meet the needs of evolving ecosystems with diverse applications that serve a myriad of users and devices,” he said.

“Because of this, communications providers require the flexibility to adapt quickly while controlling costs and open source software is the perfect tool.”

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