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CNSI to Celebrate 20th Anniversary Through Volunteer Work

cnsiCNSI co-founders Adnan Ahmed, B. Chatterjee, Jaytee Kanwal and Reet Singh said the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary by giving back to communities where the company houses an office.

“We are excited to celebrate this milestone with all of our employees, their families and partners across the country and in doing so we would like to also take this opportunity to give back and support the communities in which we all live and work,” the founders said Wednesday.

More than 800 CNSI employees and their families in Maryland will participate in a charity drive for the Interfaith Works, Manna Food Center and Fisher House.

CNSI’s Center for Technology and Innovation in India will partner with the Good Life Center.

The company was founded in 1994 and works with federal and state governments.

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