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Vernon Wallace: Raytheon to Donate $25K to YMCA Hampton Roads

Raytheon-logoRaytheon has awarded the Armed Services YMCA with $25,000 to support the junior-enlisted service members and their families at ASYMCA Hampton Roads.

Vernon Wallace, Raytheon U.S. Business Development Director of the Mission Support Team, said the donation is just one way the company contributes to “the quality of life of the military,” ASYMCA announced April 15.

Raytheon’s donation will increase the capacity of the center by 40 percent or an additional 3,000 individual service members this year.

The company’s donation will be used for community centers on base in the Hampton roads community, homecoming ceremonies and post-race Family Beach Party for the 2014 Hampton Roads Mud Run annual fundraiser.

Raytheon’s donation us also expected to expand the center’s programming at the community center to five days a week from three days a week. The ASYMCA Hampton Roads will also be able to hire additional preschool teachers and fitness instructors.

“Typically program participants come from single-income households, with young children, and often do not have access to transportation off of the installation. Providing a place for children to learn and spouses to feel connected to a community support system helps make military life easier for them,” said Russell Ariza , Hampton Roads AYMCA executive director.

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