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Lockheed Welcomes 28th Global F-16 Customer; Roderick McLean Comments

Lockheed-Martin-BlueLockheed Martin officially welcomed Romania to the group of countries that utilize the F-16 4th generation multi-role fighter, Lockheed said Wednesday.

The Romanian Air Force will become the 28th F-16 customer when it receives 12 aircraft from Portugal in a third-party transfer.

“We look forward to supporting Romania’s aircraft fleet modernization and establishing an enduring relationship as Romania revolutionizes its aviation capabilities to strengthen its national defense,” said Roderick McLean, Lockheed Martin’s vice president and general manager for the F-16/F-22 integrated fighter group.

Lockheed welcomed Romanian officials to the F-16 ‘family” at a reception prior to the Black Sea Defense Aerospace trade show.

Production of the F-16 will continue through 2017 which will add to the more than 4,540 F-16’s that have already been delivered, Lockheed said.

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