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Unisys Awarded Department of Homeland Security’s EAGLE II Contract for $22B

(UNISYS)—The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has selected IT provider Unisys to compete with several other contractors to provide a gamut of IT solutions and services under the EAGLE II contract, a handshake with a net worth of $22 billion.

Under this contractual obligation those selected will answer to task orders regarding DHS’ IT services in the Unrestricted Track of Functional Category 1, in Service Delivery, to work exclusively in integration, software design and development, operations and maintenence.

This is not Unisys’ first rodeo. Working under DHS’ first EAGLE contract Unisys was the go-to for a spread of agencies–the Transportation Security Administration; Customs and Border Protection (CBP); the U.S. Coast Guard–as selected by CBP for their Land Border Integration project. With EAGLE II the expectation lies in the implementation of multifarious IT services to DHS and underlying companies and in the sheer magnitude of the $22 billion ceiling stretched over a five-year basis.

Steve Soroka, group VP for Homeland Security of Unisys Federal Systems, gushes about the accommodation.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to continue to support the Department of Homeland Security in its critical mission to protect the U.S. homeland and its citizens,” said Soroka. “As a leading provider of mission-critical services and solutions to the federal government Unisys is prepared to help the department achieve its goal of performing its mission more efficiently while reducing costs.”

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