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Executive Profile: Edward Sayadian, Exelis Civil & Aerospace Systems VP

Ed_Sayadian_Exelis-IncEd Sayadian serves as vice president of civil and aerospace systems within Exelis’ information systems division, where he oversees performance, strategy and customer relations.

Sayadian leads Exelis’ initiatives to manage the Federal Aviation Administration’s Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasting program, part of the FAA’s effort to fulfill air transportation needs in the U.S.

He also supervises NASA’s space communications network services at Goddard Spaceflight Center and White Sands Complex, as well as for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s deep space network.

The 20-year veteran in systems engineering and analysis functions joined Stanford Telecom in 1994 and worked there until ITT acquired the company in 1999.

Sayadian has also worked at ARINC Research as a senior engineer.

He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech, as well as a P.E. in communications from George Washington University.

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