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Chad Sweet: Chertoff Group Event to Highlight New Cyber Defense Approaches

the chertoff group logoThe Chertoff Group will host the “Beyond CDM – Transitioning to an Active Cyber Defense” conference on Nov. 4 to discuss cyber defense measures across industry and government as part of the Chertoff Group Security Series.

The company said Wednesday it expects the event to bring together business and security leaders to share new approaches in threat analysis, intelligence and automated defense and mitigation as well as policy and governance concerns.

“Today, security and risk managers need to develop a better understanding for how a top-down, integrated risk management program can go beyond simply responding to problems to anticipating and mitigating security threats that can have significant impact on an enterprise,” said Chad Sweet, Chertoff Group co-founder and chief executive officer.

Jim Pflaging, principal and head of the business strategy practice, added that the conference aims to focus on the investments, tools and capabilities needed to bolster cyber defense.

CiscoCyphortDamballa, Juniper Networks, SS8 and Tripwire are the event sponsors.

Michael Hayden, former Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency director and current Chertoff Group principal, will deliver the keynote address.

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