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Executive Profile: Garrett Pagon, President and Co-Founder of OGSystems

pagon_garrett_smallGarrett Pagon serves as president and co-founder of OGSystems, where he leads the company’s engineering and business development efforts.

Pagon also leads OGS’ agile development and cloud computing programs and the firm credits him for work to secure contract awards from the Defense Intelligence Agency and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, among other agencies.

He served as a principal engineer of system architecture for NGA’s information technology and business process initiatives before he assumed his current role.

Pagon also holds the role as the NGA TASER program manager, with responsibility to coordinate teammate technology offerings and task order performance.

Before joining OGS in 2005, he served as a program manager for NGA InnoVision’s advanced development office.

Pagon previously worked for the U.S. Air Force to develop national and theater intelligence, surveillance and reconaissance plans for theater commanders during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Garrett holds a bachelor’s degree in biological systems from Stanford University.

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