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Northrop to Exhibit Maritime Defense Systems; Robert Nelson Comments

northrop-Grumman_BLUENorthrop Grumman will exhibit the company’s maritime defense systems offerings at the 25th Western Conference and Exposition scheduled from Feb. 10 to 12.

Robert Nelson, San Diego corporate lead executive for Northrop, said Monday the company intends for the exhibit to raise customer knowledge of how Northrop helps clients achieve their mission goals.

“With the national strategic rebalancing of our armed forces to the Pacific area of operations, the conference is especially important and relevant,” Nelson added.

Northrop will highlight its cyber training and visualization tools, the M5 secure network communications system and other cyber defense technologies.

The company will also showcase the Fire Scout unmanned helicopter, the MQ-8B and MQ-8C variants, consolidated afloat networks and enterprise services training for fleet system administrators and the X-47B unmanned aircraft.

Northrop is a sponsor of the conference.

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