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Executive Profile: Mike Isman, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

Mike Isman
Mike Isman

Mike Isman serves as vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he is responsible for the company’s strategic consulting and analytics business for the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Transportation.

He previously served as senior manager in Booz Allen’s strategic technologies and innovation center of excellence, with focus on business, technology and value-added services.

The 25-year public sector and financial services veteran has been with Booz Allen from November 2004 to current, serving as a principal and Vice President.

Before joining Booz Allen, Isman was a senior manager at American Management Systems after he worked in the retirement/401K/trust management business for both Bankers Trust and Kwasha Lipton.

Between 1997 and 2004, he served as senior principal at CGI-AMS.

Isman holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering from Duke University, and a MBA in Strategic Management and Finance from New York University.


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