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Lockheed Launches Generation Beyond STEM Education Program

Lockheed-Martin-BlueLockheed Martin has unveiled a science, technology, engineering and math educational program for elementary, middle school and high school students across the U.S. which features an online curriculum and virtual reality tools.

The company said Friday the Generation Beyond program was announced at the Lockheed-sponsored USA Science & Engineering Festival.

“Our children — the elementary, middle and high school students of today — make up a generation that will change our universe forever,” Lockheed CEO Marillyn Hewson said at the event.

“This is the generation that will walk on Mars, explore deep space and unlock mysteries that we can’t yet imagine.”

The program will work to provide students and teachers with an online deep space curriculum and lesson plans that feature a virtual field trip and related activities, Lockheed said.

Generation Beyond also includes the Mars Experience Bus virtual reality vehicle that works to replicate 200 square miles of the Martian surface for student riders to experience, the company added.

Lockheed said the program is supported by the Hello Mars smartphone application that is designed to track Mars, display the planet’s weather conditions in real time and let students travel virtually to the red planet.

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