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Clemson Receives Siemens Software Bundle to Support STEM Students

SiemensLogoSiemens has provided Clemson University access to the company’s $357.2 million product lifecycle management software bundle in an effort to bolster student employment in the manufacturing industry.

The company said Monday the bundle will include its LMS, NX and Femap softwares and Fibersim and Tecnomatix portfolios to support undergraduate and graduate studies at Clemson’s college of engineering, computing and applied sciences.

PLM will be integrated into the college’s computer-aided-design, engineering simulation, industrial design, digital manufacturing and manufacturing management coursework and projects.

Siemens stated that PLM will work to guide and inform students throughout their production operations via a manufacturing process designed to provide feedback and accommodate adjustments during production.

Clemson aims to address the manufacturing industries’ demand for science, technology, engineering and math workforce by providing students with hands-on experience on the software.

Clemson President James Clements said Siemens has provided the university with technical tools that will open up new job opportunities for its students within the manufacturing industry.

The partnership looks to provide students with the experience and skills in preparation for their career in the software-driven advanced manufacturing industry, said Eric Spiegel, president and CEO of Siemens USA.

PLM supports more than 140,000 companies across sectors that include aerospace, automotive, medical devices, machinery, shipbuilding and high-tech electronics to design, develop and manufacture new products.

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