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BayFirst Solutions LLC Launches New Recruitment Effort: The BayFirst Difference

BayFirst Solutions LLC announced the commencement of its new recruitment effort, the BayFirst Difference, in early March. The BayFirst Difference is the climax of a five-year-long strategic planning initiative to affect record growth in the company.

Despite being announced in early March, BayFirst had laid the groundwork for the BayFirst Difference over the past twelve months. Prior to the launch of the BayFirst Difference, the company implemented a number of changes, including:

  • Commissioned a new logo
  • Created a new company web page
  • Built a new partnership structure, allowing corporate ownership for the CEO, SVPs, and VP of Business Development
  • Expanded the number of contract vehicles to bid for and incorporated new client work
Kevin Gooch

The BayFirst Difference will be conducted largely by leveraging the power and reach of social media services and digital networking tools. The key aspects of this process are the recruitment videos produced by BayFirst and the employees themselves, who are the ones sharing the promotional video across different social media services.

Kevin Gooch, CEO of BayFirst, expanded on how the BayFirst Difference will be implemented, “The BayFirst Difference process includes the production of targeted recruitment videos for placement across social media and digital networking tools,” he said.

“Because we recognize that our best recruiters are our own employees, we are making it easier for our team members to share targeted recruiting promotional videos and graphics on social media (Facebook, Instagram) etc., as well as professional networking tools like LinkedIn.” Gooch continued, “Additionally, The BayFirst Difference recruitment videos and promotional graphics will be placed by paid advertisement on the same digital platforms with targeted ad buys to ensure maximum exposure for BayFirst career opportunities.”

One of the milestones of success for the BayFirst Difference is to grow the BayFirst team, increasing its size to 1,000 employees within the next 5 years. Along with expanding the size of its employee pool, the primary goal of the BayFirst Difference is to position the company as the “go-to” consulting firm for national/homeland security and defense-related work.

As BayFirst works to achieve the goal of becoming the go-to organizational management and strategic consulting firm for national/homeland security and defense related work, BayFirst will also adhere to its philosophy of being a part of its employees’ lives, rather than simply having the employees as a part of the company’s life. That is the BayFirst Difference.

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