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Red Hat Acquires Codenvy

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), a provider of open source solutions, announced Thursday that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Codenvy, a provider of cloud-native tools that developers use to create modern container-based and cloud-native applications.

Tools like Codenvy allow software engineers to spend less time on environment management, administration and other tasks that take them away from actual coding and allow them to use their time on DevOps, continuous delivery and containers that speed the delivery of modern, cloud-native applications across environments.

Codenvy runs in lightweight Linux containers which allows containerized workspaces that can have instant startup, multiple collaborators in the same workspace, elastic scalability and manages development environments. Founded in 2013, it was the “first enterprise offering based on Eclipse Che, the popular open source cloud integrated development environment (IDE) and developer workspace server,” Red Hat said in a statement.

Codenvy joins Red Hat’s portfolio of developer tools and application platforms, including Red Hat JBoss Middleware and Red Hat OpenShift, as the company continues to add solutions for developers creating applications in hybrid cloud environments.

“We are thrilled to add Codenvy’s cloud-native development tools and containerized workspaces to Red Hat’s already expansive portfolio of solutions for building modern, cloud-native apps, to help make developers more successful,” said Craig Muzilla, senior vice president, Application Platforms Business of Red Hat in a statement.

“Red Hat plans to make Codenvy an integral part of OpenShift.io, Red Hat’s recently announced hosted development environment for building hybrid cloud services on OpenShift,” Red Hat wrote in a press release.

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