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DARPA to Host Live Event for Spectrum Collaboration Challenge Finale in 2019

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will host a live event next year for the finale of a three-year collaborative machine intelligence competition designed to mitigate challenges related to spectrum scarcity.

DARPA said Tuesday it will host the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge finale event simultaneously with the 2019 Mobile World Congress Americas annual conference in partnership with the GSM Association and the CTIA.

SC2 aims to create new approaches and wireless strategies wherein radio networks can autonomously decide how to effectively utilize the electromagnetic spectrum through artificial intelligence, machine learning and software-defined radio technologies.

“The event will create a platform for the SC2 teams to present three years’ worth of innovation, addressing spectrum challenges that have plagued commercial and military communications over the past two decades,” said  Paul Tilghman, DARPA program manager in charge of the SC2 challenge.

“The competition offers attendees additional opportunities to see innovation in action,” said Reed Peterson, head of mobile world congress Americas at the GSMA.

The prize pool for the SC2 championship event totals $3.75 million with the first, second and third finishers receiving, $2 million, $1 million and $750,000 respectively.

DARPA noted the participants will be judged based on their capacity to develop a radio design that can coexist with other systems in the current wireless communications environment.

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