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Former Stratcom Official Kenneth Callicutt Joins Polaris Alpha’s Advisory Board

Kenneth Callicutt

Kenneth “Steve” Callicutt, former director of capability and resource integration at the U.S. Strategic Command, has joined the board of advisers at Polaris Alpha.

The Washington, D.C.-based firm said Wednesday Callicutt brings knowledge and experience in the areas of mission planning, weapons system development and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

“Steve has deep expertise in so many of the areas we serve, from ISR and mission planning to command and control and electromagnetic spectrum operations,” said Polaris Alpha President Jay Jesse.

Callicutt performed force management and analysis and worked on the integration of future concepts, weapons system development and command-and-control architecture during his service at Stratcom.

He also previously served as senior technical director at the Air Force Command and Control and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

The former Stratcom official retired recently after nearly 40 years with the military and the Senior Executive Service.

He joins Polaris Alpha advisory board members such as former National Security Agency Deputy Director Richard Ledgett, who was appointed in January, as well as retired U.S. Air Force officers Kevin McLaughlin and Robert Latiff, who joined the board in November.

The advisory board members assist the company’s executive leadership team with strategic guidance in support of military and intelligence agency customers.


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