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Kratos Subsidiary Holds Spot on $998M Air Force TETRAS Contract

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions subsidiary has secured a position on a potential $998 million contract to develop range test and evaluation systems for the U.S. Air Force.

Kratos RT Logic is one of 14 contractors selected to participate in the Air Force’s Test and Evaluation Technologies for Ranges, Armaments and Spectrum program, the company said Wednesday.

Frank Backes, vice president of business development at Kratos, said the TETRAS program is among several Defense Department ground initiatives that the company is engaged in.

Backes added the company also currently supports DoD’s Enterprise Ground Services and Wideband Communications Architecture Study efforts.

The Air Force seeks customized hardware, software and prototype systems that can help the service branch assess and provide training on C4ISR munitions and electronic combat/countermeasures.

Kratos noted it will offer technology and communications products such signal processing and radio frequency management, cybersecurity systems, telemetry signal simulators, range receivers, RF-over-internet protocol technology and target and drone suite through the TETRAS program.

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