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CEO Who Cares: Bill Dean of M.C. Dean

Social responsibility has been at the top of the list of priorities for M.C. Dean, Inc. since its beginnings in 1949. The family-operated technology firm has been supporting local communities and programs long before it blossomed into the large corporation it is today with 3,500 employees and operations worldwide. That …

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CEO Who Cares: Rick Marcotte of DLT Solutions

Rick Marcotte is president and chief executive officer of DLT Solutions. As leader of the company, he makes sure his employees receive a well-rounded work environment by instituting a culture of employee accountability, collaboration and philanthropy. To create an infectious spirit of social consciousness at DLT, this “CEO Who Cares” …

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CEO Who Cares: Greg Baroni of Attain

As founder, chairman and CEO of Attain, LLC, Greg Baroni was the force behind creating the company’s mission and core values. In addition to a focus on company excellence, Attain’s mission statement pledges to serve society at large and help those in the community who are in need. But Baroni …

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CEO Who Cares: Bill Hoover of AMERICAN SYSTEMS

Bill Hoover, president and CEO of AMERICAN SYSTEMS, oversees all of the operations the company’s approximately 1,500 employees in 16 office locations handle every day. He stays busy by making sure his team is meeting goals and continued corporate growth, which is a time-consuming task. However, this veteran officer of …

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CEO Who Cares: Stan Sloane of SRA International

Overseeing a company like SRA International is time-consuming. With 50 global locations and 7,000 employees, it would seem as if CEO Stan Sloane has his hands full. However, this “CEO Who Cares” proves his hands are never too full to lend one to those who need it most. Take the …

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CEO Who Cares: iSIGHT’s John Watters

Any CEO could tell you, it’s nice to be important. But in iSIGHT CEO John Watters’ opinion, it’s more important to be nice. Just take a look at his philanthropic side, or as he puts it – the things that “pull your heartstrings.” For Watters, the education of Dallas’ inner-city …

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