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Thunderbirds Soar with Honeywell Biofuel

Always a showstopper, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds’ stunning demonstrations have wowed crowds with daring flight maneuvers and perfect synchronizations. Representing the Air Force around the globe, the Thunderbirds are a symbol of American ingenuity, superior air power and skill. In the spirit of the Air Force’s cutting-edge technology and …

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Poison Nut Boeing’s Eco-Friendly Fuel

The jatropha-curcas tree sways in the balmy winds of South American. Short in stature, reaching all of 20 feet, the tree offers little in the way of shade, although sturdy enough to flourish in hostile terrains. Unremarkable in every way were it not for its nuts. The yellowish-brown seeds harbor …

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Does Chicken Fat Fly?

Uses for chicken fat: chicken broth, dog food, soap, lamp oil, salve, jet oil. Jet oil? Animal fat as biodiesel has been around for years, powering trucks, farm equipment and maybe a high school science teacher’s car. What it has not done is flown. Until now. NASA is wondering how …

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Boeing, Aviation Industry Applaud Biofuel Agreement

USDA and FAA have entered into an agreement to help farmers produce clean biofuel to be used for commercial transportation, Secretary Tom Vilsack announced last week at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Measures include implementation of the pilot Biomass Crop Assistance Program, in which USDA provides payment to …

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