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Unisys Joins Harrisburg University Govt. Technology Institute, Collaborating on Cloud, Cyber, Mobility

Unisys has joined the Government Technology Institute at Harrisburg University as a founding member. Unisys will collaborate with the university on thought-leadership symposiums, highlighting topics such as best practices in information technology service management and IT field trends such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, mobility and social computing. “Unisys has a proud …

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Ball Aerospace Develops Flight Computers for Future Launch Vehicles

Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. has completed development of prototype launch vehicle flight computers that are equipped to bring safety and reliability to future human spaceflight systems, the company announced Monday. Ball Aerospace financed the computers and based them on deployed units now being used at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight …

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IBM Launches New Server for Emerging Markets

IBM announced today the release of the IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe, a new version of the IBM zEnterprise System that will allow for the extension of the system to a larger market. The new mainframe follows the July 2010 release of the IBM zEnterprise System and offers advanced computing options …

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‘Need to Know’ Not Necessarily Safer

The government is in the business of keeping secrets. As we saw with the latest WikiLeaks debacle, those secrets are become harder and harder for the government to keep. Calls for transparency and open communication between agencies in the wake of terrorist plots seem laudable, even practical. Sharing vital information …

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